As we enter into 2015, lots of people will be making and hopefully sticking to their new years resolutions! Often they revolve around making changes to improve one’s health, such as loosing weight, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol……the list goes on! However, very rarely do I hear anyone make a resolution to actually fix their body, to get that injury looked at, to get that back pain checked out, or to make sure that ankle sprain doesn’t happen again. We spend lots of time in our day to day lives doing maintenance or repair jobs to the things around us. We clean the house, fix the gutters, get the car tyres checked or top up the screen wash, but when do you take the time to get your body checked out and working properly? Your body is a one off and not easily replaceable, so my suggestion for 2015 is to start looking after it and get any niggling problems looked at and hopefully on the mend. In the modern world you shouldn’t need to put up with lower back ache, a stiff neck, a clicking shoulder, a swollen knee or an ankle that keeps giving way on you! Whatever the problem is, do yourself a favour and make that the priority. Looking after your house, car or possessions is important, but what could be more important than looking after your body? Give us a call at 360-Physiotherapy and get your body back to where it should be.

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