After your assessment, the diagnosis will be explained and discussed with you. A detailed plan of what needs to be done to improve your current symptoms will then be provided with information about what treatment options are available to you and how long the recovery process is likely to take.

Normally physiotherapy treatment is started immediately and will be individually tailored to your problem, but may include manual therapy, massage, soft tissue release, acupuncture, mobilisation, manipulation, stretches, exercise prescription and strengthening work

What we promise:

  • A detailed assessment with an experienced clinician
  • An accurate diagnosis
  • An individualised treatment plan
  • Immediate treatment where appropriate
  • A honest appraisal of the likely timescale involved
  • A plan or strategy to prevent future problems

The final promise is also probably the most important: Not all problems will get better and we promise to be honest with you from the start.  If your problem shows no clear signs of improving, we will do our best to find out why and will hold our hands up and either refer you on to someone who can help or assist you in arranging further investigation.

Neck Injury
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Back Injury
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Shoulder Injury
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Ankle Injury
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