At 360-Physiotherapy things are different.

You will be assessed by an experienced clinician, with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy and more than 10 years of physiotherapy experience including Premier League Football and Premiership Rugby Union. Our goal is to establish the cause of your problem, identify any factors that may have predisposed your body to injury, develop a treatment plan to ease your symptoms and to put actions in place so your symptoms do not return.

Depending on the injury, appointments generally last between 30 and 60 minutes. The first part of the appointment will be a detailed assessment including taking the time to listen to the history of the injury from your perspective. A physical assessment will also take place where certain tests are used to identify the cause of the symptoms and to establish the severity of the problem.

For your first appointment, it is useful if you bring any scans or x-rays you may have had as they can provide useful information, but don’t worry if you haven’t had any investigations, as we always treat the symptoms not the scan results!

It is also worth wearing loose fitting clothes to make the assessment easier.