Welcome to 360 a new physiotherapy clinic based in Norfolk. Our aim is simple: to get you back to full fitness and function as quickly and safely as possible. There are lots of physiotherapy clinics about and choosing the right one can be difficult. Much like there are lots of mechanics and Garages happy to fix your car, there are plenty of physiotherapist’s out there all willing to have a go at sorting your problems out. So how do you know who is good? Put simply, quite often you don’t! Word of mouth can be very powerful – so make sure you check if any friends or family have any recommendations, and make sure any physiotherapist you consider is registered with the health professions council (HPC) and Chartered society of physiotherapists (CSP), the links to both can be found via this website. If nothing else, this ensures the person you see has adequate insurance and is registered to the governing body and has to prove that they are practicing at the required standard. Apart from that its about personal preference. I recommend someone who you feel you can trust, someone thorough and not rushed and someone who has experience with your particular problem – for example, if you have had a total knee replacement, there is no point seeing a physio who hasn’t seen one in the last ten years!

At 360 the process is simple, a full detailed examination will be performed after you have described the problem in full. If its a problem we think we can help, we will do everything we can to try and get you back to where you want to be. If its something that we have no experience in, or feel someone else would be better placed to deal with we will make sure you end up in the right place to get the right treatment.

So give 360 a call and get yourself on the road to recovery!

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